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The development of education in Poland and conscious upbringing of a young generation are the main aims of my public activities. Founding a primary school is for me another step in development of education in Poland which takes advantage of experience and knowledge gained during running of KOALA kindergarten. My plan and ambition is to create such an education environment for children which will allow them to develop their passion and become open-minded Poles.


Szkoła Wmurowanie ErekcyjneSzkoła Wmurowanie Erekcyjne

On 6th October 2011 embedding of foundation act of the First Degree International Primary Music School took place in Wilanów town.

The author of this idea and the person carrying it out is Alicja Węgorzewska-Whiskerd- the founder and the President of StartSmart foundation.

The inspiration source for opening the school was my daughter Amelia whose development is my priority.

Owing to that, the newly created school will join both the need for international standards of education and the demands of parents, pedagogues and students whose opinion I have become aware of while doing this project.

I am going to found a school with which everyone can identify and which will shape attitudes supporting development. Honesty, responsibility, creativity, propriety and respect are values in which students are to be brought up.



It will be two-storey building for more than 200 students. Half a day it will be used for compulsory education while in the afternoon it will function as a music school.

3000 square meters, a gym and concert hall, art room, computer lab, history and geography room.

In the school, there will be a professional study for children and also a family center where all kinds of problems will be diagnosed. Nobody will have to wait for months for a diagnosis. In my school help will be found immediately. It will be a bilingual school providing children with three report cards: Polish, British and of music school.

The school will be built according to the design of WM Atelier run by an architect Wojciech Musiał.

WM Atelier deals mainly with designs of cosy mansions. These are big single-family homes and minor public utility buildings including, in particular headquarters of Orlen board of directors and office of Cisowianka company.

“The school is an important stage in every child’s life. It should be not only functional but also stirring imagination. While designing the school we had two aims in our minds: to create a nice, simple and friendly building and to take care of creative development of students. As a result, the school is very spacious, light and colourful. It is designed in such a way that one can spend pleasantly many hours there” – Wojciech Musiał describes.

The general contractor of the project is FB Antczak.


Projekt Szkoły Podstawowej i szkoły muzycznej w Wilanowie przy ul. Hlonda

“These walls have influence on young people so it is our main role as a general contractor to make them friendly and comfortable. A three-storey building was designed for the youngest as well as for the disabled. Because it will be also a music school, there were designed three music rooms on the second floor and a multifunctional hall with the stage on which concerts will take place. Having known Alicja Węgorzewska for years, I’m sure that thanks to effort put into this project there will be in Wilanów a special place for special young people”- Marcin Antczak Vice President of FB Antczak describes his involvement in the project.