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Kronprinz Friedrich

Kronprinz Friedrich new


Year of release: 2002

Publisher: Rheinsberg Kammeroper Schloss Rheinsberg

Authors: Siegfried Matthus. Libretto: Thomas Höft

Performers: Nina C. Amon [Friedrich]. Alicija de Rota [Katte]( Alicja Węgorzewska) . Lars Fosser [Friedrich Wilhelm I.]. Katarzyna Holysz [Sophie Dorothea]. Isa Katharina Gericke [Wilhelmine]. Cordula Berner [Dorothea]. Jens Musger [Pfarrer, Totengräber, Soldat]. Bernhard Leube [Richter, Soldat]. Jörg Brückner [Totengräber, Soldat]. Ralf Steinhagen [Totengräber, Soldat]. 14 Berliner Flötisten. Rolf Reuter [Dir]


Chopin Songs



Year of release: 2010

Publisher: Hungaroton Classics

Composer: Frederic Chopin

Performers: Alicja Węgorzewska Whiskerd, Alex Szilasi

List of track
  1. Songs 17 for voice & piano, Op. 74, CT. 129-145: Zyczenie A Maiden’s Wish
  2. Songs (17) for voice & piano, Op. 74, CT. 129-145: Gdzie lubi (A Fickle Maid)
  3. Songs (17) for voice & piano, Op. 74, CT. 129-145: Posel (The Messenger)
  4. Songs (17) for voice & piano, Op. 74, CT. 129-145: Czary (Witchcraft)
  5. Songs (17) for voice & piano, Op. 74, CT. 129-145: Hulanka (Drinking Song)
  6. Songs (17) for voice & piano, Op. 74, CT. 129-145: Precz z moich oczu (Remembrance)
  7. Songs (17) for voice & piano, Op. 74, CT. 129-145: Wojak (Before the Battle)
  8. Songs (17) for voice & piano, Op. 74, CT. 129-145: Piosnka litewska (Lithuanian song)
  9. Songs (17) for voice & piano, Op. 74, CT. 129-145: Smutna rzeka (Troubled Waters)
  10. Songs 17 for voice & piano, Op. 74, CT. 129-145: Narzeczony The Bridegroom’s Return
  11. Songs 17 for voice & piano, Op. 74, CT. 129-145: Spiew z mogily Poland’s Dirge
  12. Songs (17) for voice & piano, Op. 74, CT. 129-145: Pierscien (The Ring)
  13. Songs (17) for voice & piano, Op. 74, CT. 129-145: Moja pieszczotka (My Enchantress)
  14. Songs (17) for voice & piano, Op. 74, CT. 129-145: Wiosna (Spring)
  15. Songs (17) for voice & piano, Op. 74, CT. 129-145: Sliczny chlopiec
  16. Songs (17) for voice & piano, Op. 74, CT. 129-145: Nie ma czego trzeba
  17. Songs (17) for voice & piano, Op. 74, CT. 129-145: Dwojaki koniec
  18. Melodya (Melody), song for voice & piano, Op. 74/9, CT. 137
  19. Songs 17 for voice & piano, Op. 74, CT. 129-145: Zyczenie A Maiden’s Wish earlier version
  20. Songs (17) for voice & piano, Op. 74, CT. 129-145: Hulanka (Drinking Song) earlier version
  21. Spiew grobowy (Hymn from The Tomb), song for voice & piano, Op. 74/17, CT. 145
  22. Dumka (Reverie), song for voice & piano, KK. IVb/9, CT 147 (B. 132)


Wiedźmin Soundtrack




Year of release: 2001

Publisher: Pomaton EMI

  • Composer: All compositions and arrangements: G. Ciechowski
  • Music: Grzegorz Ciechowski (1-22)
  • Lyrics: Grzegorz Ciechowski (4, 8, 11, 20, 22), Andrzej Sapkowski (13)



List of truck
  1. Wiedźmin
  2. Pocałunek Yennefer
  3. Zew Wilka
  4. Pierwsza Rada Jaskra
  5. Oniria
  6. Lawina
  7. Sen Yen
  8. Druga Rada Jaskra
  9. Odnajdę Cię, Ciri
  10. Uciekajcie!
  11. Trzecia Rada Jaskra
  12. Koniec Z Bandą Renfri
  13. Jak Gwiazdy Nad Traktem
  14. Śmierć Renfri
  15. Bajka Dla Małej Driady
  16. Leczenie Ran
  17. Karczma W Blaviken
  18. Zapachniało Jesienią
  19. Ballada Dla Yen
  20. Czwarta Rada Jaskra
  21. Ratuj, Wiedźminie
  22. Nie Pokonasz Miłości
Reviews i Empik

The film appeared on the cinema on 9th November, 2001. It was based on the prose of Andrzej Sapkowski. “Wiedźmin” directed by Marek Brodzki is the first fantasy production on the basis of the collection of short stories “Miecz przeznaczenia” and “Ostatnie życzenie”. The scenario of the cinema version and 12-episode TV series were written by Michał Szczerbic. The title role was played by Michał Żebrowski. Grażyna Wolszczak (Yennefer), Zbigniew Zamachowski (Jaskier), Jerzy Nowak (Vesemir priest), Agata Buzek (Pavetta), and Magdalena Warzecha (Visenna) co-starred with him.

“Wiedźmin” as Marek Brodzki, the director says- is the film about a hero that combines features of a romantic knight and a lonely samurai ruthlessly destroying evil. Who is Wiedźmin? Thanks to a complicated process of transition and mutation, he got prepared to kill monsters which were motivated by either sick will or magic to threaten people and kill them. His opponents are banshees, vampires, basilisks or other ugly creatures. His code of conduct prohibits him to hunt dragons, unicorns and other representatives of endangered species. He also must not kill people but in fact human beings turned out to be the greatest and the most cruel monsters. The plot of the film takes place in a fairyland but the problems that characters face are very modern. In cinema production and TV versions which were addressed to families, scenes of aggressions and erotic scenes were less often than in Sapkowski’s prose.

Grzegorz Ciechowski undertook a difficult and ambitious task of composing music for “Wiedźmin”. What was the source of his ideas?

-          “I, myself. I have just begun working on it. It is a huge venture, almost a life challenge. I wondered together with a script writer what kind of music it should be. Finally, we decided that it cannot be defined by any of existing styles. It should be so distinctive and recognizable that it could describe that reality and be undoubtedly associated with ‘Wiedźmin’ ”.

Two days before the premiere of the film (on 3th November) film soundtrack records appeared in all music shops. In recording participated: Alicja DeRota Węgorzewska– a mezzo-soprano, Zbigniew Zamachowski– vocals, Grzegorz Ciechowski – programming, keyboards, Zbigniew Krzywański– guitars, Michael Jones – hindu violin (ravanhuta) and “Kairos” Male Vocal Band conducted by Borys Somerschaf. Recordings were prepared in „G.C.” and S-4 studios in Warsaw by Leszek Kamiński, (excluding recordings of “Kairos” band which took place in Hendrix Studio in Lublin and were prepared by Piotr Bańka). The album contains a promotional song by Robert Gawliński – „Nie pokonasz miłości”.

From: Wikipiedia

The second and the last music publishing which Grzegorz Ciechowski released under his real name. This work is the soundtrack for ‘Wiedźmin’ film directed by Marek Brodzki and based on the novel by Andrzej Sapkowski.

In recordings were present: an opera singer- Alicja Węgorzewska (a mezzo-soprano singer), “Kairos” male choir conducted by Borys Somerschaf, a violinist Michael Jones, Robert Gawliński, and Zbigniew Zamachowski as vocals.

“Apart from instrumental music in the album, there are parts that constitute a comment and these are Jaskra’s songs’ [sung by Zbigniew Zamachowski]”- Ciechowski explained to “Film” Magazine. “They are not blasts but they seem to fit perfectly to the atmosphere of both, the film and book”.

“However, there is a blast in this album- ‘Nie pokonasz miłości’ which was sung by Robert Gawliński. I did not want to sing it myself”- Ciechowski explained. “My contribution to an audio part is so noticeable that I wanted someone else to be associated with it. I chose Robert Gawliński. I was looking for an artist whose image would be suitable to a film message. He was supposed to be brave, proud but at the same time boyish”.

“To illustrate the fantasy world I used a combination of ethnic and past sacral music”- Wojtek Radomski reviewed in “Machina”. Trance beats made with drums, a male choir and female opera voice create a suggestive background for a fairy-tale-like saga. Grzegorz Ciechowski with his gloomy music trespasses the area belonging to bands such as Dead Can Dance but it is certainly justified. The song sung by Robert Gawliński promoting the film is a completely different thing and similarly to parts sung by Zbigniew Zamachowski, they do not harmonize with the rest of the album.

The soundtrack was awarded with Gold Eagle by Polish Film Academy.



Najpiękniejsze Kolędy – The most beautiful Christmas carols



Year of release: 2013

Publisher: Fundacja StartSmart

Performers: Alicja Węgorzewska Whiskerd

Producer: Bogdan Kierejsza

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List of track

1.Przybieżeli do Betlejem Pasterze

2. W żłobie leży

3. Lulajże Jezuniu

4. Wśród nocnej ciszy

5. Nie było miejsca dla Ciebie

6. Jezus Malusieńki

7.Gdy Śliczna Panna

8. Mizerna Cicha

9.Oj Maluśki Maluśki

10. Gdy się Chrystus Rodzi

11.Cicha Noc

12. Bóg się Rodzi

13. Święta,Święta



I Colori Dell’ Amore

Wegorzewska Plyta


Year of release: 2014

Publisher: Sony

Performers: Alicja Węgorzewska

Arrangements: Tomasz Szymuś

Authors : Alicja Węgorzewska ( słowa ), Bogdan Kierejsza, Tomasz Betka, Anna Kornelia Aberg,J. Lindberg, Frederic Kempe.

Realisation: Rafał Smoleń

Mastering: Bob Katz

Distributor: Sony

Catalog number:88843036752



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List of track


1. Venezia
2. Mi Manchi
3. Margherita
4. La musica
5. Dentro di me
6. Nella Vita
7. Caruso
8. La storia di una notte
9. Mamma
10. 1 Giugno
11. Liberta
12. Perche